1.WAXOLUTIONISTS "Unter der Linde" (5:53)
2.LE DEMON FLOWERS "Deep in the Clubs" (5:04)
3.HERBE MISCHUNG "Verbale Ehrlichkeit" (3:37)
5.PEOMATIC "B.Addicted" (4:58)
6.TEXTA "Widerstand" (3:43)
7.DJ DSL "Neu! 6 Min." (6:08)
8.URBS & CHAOZ "Drimal Scream" (5:10)
9.FLISHFLASH "Nectar" (2:38)
10.DISTORTED MINDZ "Def Con" (3:45)
11.MEN AT ARMS "Xion" (3:38)
12.DEUZZAF "Message Au Monde" (4:17)


Actually, this compilation was supposed to have been called AUSTRIAN FLAVOR Vol.3, conceived as a continuation of the non-vocal hip-hop sampler released by SABOTAGE RECORDINGS in 1996. With the ingenious sampler "AUSTRIAN FLAVA," the Viennese actionist label took thorough stock of the Austrian hip-hop scene for the first time. Its line-up of grooves and scratches, breakbeats and dope bears names that one should definitely take note of: DJ DSL, DJ CUTEX, TEXTA, DEMON FLOWERS, URBS & CHAOS, SUGAR B, MASTER D.B.H. among others - 12 bombs for use and abuse in the mix or on dancefloor!

Due to the current politically explosive situation in Austria, this name now makes us nauseous. With the new title FRIED KUTZ, we hope to at least retain the "flavor." With top chefs like DJ DSL, TEXTA, WAXOLUTIONISTS, MEN AT ARMS, DEMON FLOWERS, URBS & CHAOS, and DAVID SCHULLER, the country's most important crews and producers are along for the potluck feast. TEXTA, for instance, have become Austria's Nr. 1 hip-hop crew. Their track WIDERSTAND ["resistance"] was originally commissioned by a major to push an almost forgotten brand of ice-cream. Hansi Lang's KEINE ANGST ["no fear"] supplied the inspiration, but the signs of the times, rather than the zeitgeist, led to a new song that was promptly rejected by the commissioner as UNACCEPTABLE. TEXTA stuck to their guns and released WIDERSTAND anyway. With their first album SMART BLIP EXPERIENCE, the DJ-crew Buzz, Zuzee, and Meister Pez, a.k.a. WAXOLUTIONISTS catapulted themselves into the first league. This is turntablism at the highest level - hip-hop futurism with an eye to the roots - abstract and compact. And with DJ DSL, "both hands of God," this line-up leaves no questions open - now available on CD or 2LP!


FRIED KUTZ - Artists:

TEXTA: have grown to become Austria's Nr. 1 hip-hop crew. From their current album GEGENÜBER ["vis-a-vis"], the hit SPRACHBARRIEREN ["language barriers"] appeared in a new version as a maxi (special guest: Black Tiger from Switzerland).

MEN AT ARMS: As a VANGUARD, the industrious Alsergrund posse sent out their first album of the same name to the clubs and signaled a new advance in dark hip-hop dope beats. With their new release UNDER SIEGE, Men At Arms set international trends. Their first rap record will be released in the fall (Sabotage/Hoanzl). Check 'em out!

WAXOLUTIONISTS: Hip-hop turntablism from Vienna - with their first album SMART BLIP EXPERIENCE, the DJ-crew Buzz, Zuzee, and Meister Pez, a.k.a. WAXOLUTIONISTS rose up to the highest league - and that's just the beginning! This is turntablism at the highest level - hip-hop futurism with an eye to the roots - abstract and compact.

DEUZZAF: These Viennese newcomers and their French rapperess are set to set something off with their first bomb on the hip-hop sampler FRIED KUTZ and their solo release on Craft Records coming out later this year. DEUZZAF can already be counted as definite contenders in the hip-hop scene.

DEMON FLOWERS: alias Werner Geier, who's been there from the beginning when it comes to the Viennese school of hip-hop. With his many years as moderator of his own program, "Tribe Vibes" on radio FM4, and as boss of the ultimate label Uptight Records, he's one of the city's best DJs and producers.

URBS & CHAOS: In 1997, with their first record "Closer To God" on Uptight Records, an Austrian dope-beat disk caused for the first time an international sensation. With their magnificent track "Drimal Scream" the two boys are once again rocking the clubs.

DAVID SCHULLER: alias DJ CUTEX grooves the house for all it's worth with the jazzy dancefloor bomb "Y3K." Straight shit all the way!

DJ DSL: The living legend of Viennese hip-hop has delivered a wonderfully soft track with "Neu! 6 Min.," including yearning soul vocal snippets and jazzy instrumentation. The groove wizard DSL, also known as "both hands of God," once again sets new standards with his rare production skills!

HERBE MISCHUNG: Another new arrival to hip-hop Olympus! This Alsergrund posse's first German rap album will be out soon. We're all looking forward to it! PEOMATIC For FRIED KUTZ, beatmasters Peomatic produced the hot dope killer track "B.Addicted" that pumps it up even higher! Definitely check it out!

DISTORTED MINDZ: With their very first track "Def Con," these Viennese hip-hop gang-bangers catapult themselves up among the best of the domestic scene. Completely underground with no tendencies toward Milka commercials.

Check ´em out!

Distributed by HOANZL / DECK 8 / INDIGO

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