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1.MACHINE ROCK by SANDBENDERS (force inc/craft), Frankfurt
2. ACTION by ALEX IS MY BRO (sabotage/shade), vienna
3. THE FLUIDS INDEX by PERSPECTS (ersatz audio), detroit
4. HUBOLOGY by DJ GLOW (trust), vienna
5. ESCAPE FOREVER by MELVIN & MANOLO (murdercapital), the hague
6. ITHACA by VIC 20 (breakin/word music), london
7. ERDFLUCHT by BANNLUST (sabotage/science city), leipzig
8. RAUTE 4 by ZERONINE (monoton), stuttgart
9. AIRPORTS & LUXURY by ADULT (ersatzaudio/sabotage), detroit
10. SPEACE by EPY (sabotage), vienna
11.THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH by KLYSTRON (electrocord), cologne
12. THE GLIDE by NOTT & SCHWABENEDER (sabotage), wels

1998 brought electro back to the floors, no matter if new electro, retro, overground or underground and everything between. techno djīs playing electro tunes, electro b-sides on drumīnībass records, reissues of classic tunes, compilations, media-hypes a.s.o. the 1996 ELECTRO JUICE compilation, on sabotage rec. was the first european sampler with detroit stars like ECTOMORPH, ULTRADYNE, LE CAR and probable part of starting all this. For 1999 the fresh new label from SABOTAGE COMMUNICATIONS called SUBETAGE RECORDS have prepared a second volume with fresh flavas for the next century.

Distributed by Formic - Germany


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