E.g. the appearance of the CD "The Lens Cleaner" (sabo.02) was taken from the American cleaning CDs. Between the songs of the Techno-House Compilation instructions how to clean a CD were to be heard. The Compilation "Unreleased" (sabo.04) consisted of 1000 different covers of persons of the showbusiness. The first track of the TechnoElectro Compilation "Handle with Care" (sabo.05) consisted of CD-ROM data on which a "friendly virus" was installed. The virus was activated by the installation of the CD on the PC and blocked the drive for uncertain time. As a service for record shops a plaque of synthetic glass was produced to be put in the window to recognise the label. The plaque had the catalogue number 11. The second album of Pomassl "Skeleton 2" (craft 19) was a test for the consumer behaviour and the reception in the music media. The first album "Skeleton 1" (craft.07) was repressed and completed with a new cover, a new catalogue number and new titles of songs. Also the press item talked of a new record of the artist. Most of the critics proudly reported on the new record and the musical differences to the first one. The summit of superficiality of commentaries on electronic music was reached by critics on the record "Will not be playing tonight, He is ill" (craft.23) by Matt Winch. The record was published completely blank, without a rile, without music. A music paper with the titles of the songs was added to the record. Over 400 very knowned artists remixed the record (sabo.28), which again was empty, to a limited edition of one piece and made the record get a cultstatus.

The own remixes from Alois Huber "Grüner Veltliner" went across the boarder. X-Mass 97 you were able to get white wine as a remix, made and bottled from Alois Huber himself at various recordstores. Alois Huber is not only a Dj and musician, he is also a winegrower. Sabotage took care of the ultimative ambient record "Chill Out" (sabo.30) from KLF. They took over the original cover, which showed chilling sheeps on an Irish meadow. On the Sabotage sampler with the same title, the sheeps were swapped with wolfs and according to that, unrestrained tracks from people like Panacea with 340 bpm were published. Just for that Sabotage adopted a wolf named "Nimrod" from Alaska via Internet. And their fed up of answering the same questions asked from media, their published a CD named "FAQ" (sabo.31), where the answers are already set up.

Last release on Sabotage Recordings was "The Ganymed Mixes - Music Takes Me Higher" (sabo.39), early April 99. In 1979, "It Takes Me Higher", the disco-masterpiece by viennese aliens Ganymed sold up to 1 million copies throughout europe, topped various charts as well as staying resident therein for a long time. That was before Falco, fascinated by Ganymeds image, was the bassist for their last concerts.
Sabotage presents 4 proposals created by 4 connoisseurs of the matter from Detroit to Vienna, being directive for the clubs in ´99.