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Finally, the don of da poptek TOM FLAIR gives his first solo showcase with 6 slammin´ dancefloorbombs!
Tom already gave his tributes last months on several Subetage releases like the retro80ies track THE GLIDE on ELECTRO JUICE Vol.2 and with the brilliant melancholic "earworm" SPLENDID on the supersingle TIDAL WAVE. Influenced by beachparties and nightlife during his 10 years of permanence in Italy, the Austrian popwizard presents stunning deep and groovy technohousetrax like DROWN REALMS or MIAMI DEVICE that will burning down the floors this summer. Do your booty a favor and grab this record!

setmefree (4:04)
splendid (5:13)
drown realms (5:36)

miami device (4:37)
flying frozen (3:54)
the glide (3:50)

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