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epy - plastikflocken

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With "plastikflocken" their third release on CRAFT RECORDS the viennese charmy boyband EPY move more into advanced electronica and embryonic techstep. EPY take pride in pushing since 1996 the borders of contemporary electronic music. Not beeing locked into certain mindsets their work effectively exploits a wide variety of musical paradigms while staying receptable for the average listener. From ancient Jazz and Blues fragments to upfront, heavily processed noise patchworks, EPY's music never fails to convince. EPY are especially recognized for their live performances which proofed to attract and satisfy crowds from all corners of the musical universe. With minimal, well chosen equipment they are able to deliver a live athmosphere not often experienced in the electronic music scene. yes, rock hard. check also their website:

a1 superbroke 10:55
b1 abgelehnt 4:54
b2 live 5:06

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