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Ever get an uncontrollable hankering for wayward high-excitement electronic weirdness that still wants to be your friend? Leipzig´s Marco Fischer aka BANNLUST could well be your man. With his new and second album AUXILLED on Craft Records he takes another ride into hyperactive darkelectro, deep embryonic techstep and two brained drill´n bass. 11 tracks to accompany the rain washing all the scum away. Shagging your brain with an electronic smile !!!

1. homespanking
2. wrong insect synthax
3. another useless manifesto
4. auxilled
5. beware of the germs
6. brazilian futbol is lame
7. super canon 3000
8. saturday night jive
9. these scenes are not for adults
10. maasmedy école
11. i learned my lessons, but i didn´t learned them well.

Download tracks are format Real Audio G2 / 20kbit/s - full tracks
to download file right click the link, select save target as, to save the file to your harddisk. for problems, dead links etc. please e-mail

produced by m. fischer ´98/99. dedicated to my son. play it loud!

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