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Alois Huber: Weekender

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After 2 years noiseless absence ALOIS HUBER is back with his 3rd EP titled WEEKENDER on Craft Records.
As manager of a Latin club, lifeguard, buddhist and son of an asphalter he presents a Disco House 6 tracker, like the tracks "HD-ky" and "gany C" a GANYMED Mix from the forthcoming GANYMED MIXES 2 EP on SUBETAGE RECORDS, for burn down your dancefloor.

The opening track "My boy", is a catchy mover that perfectly assimilates a cod House groove into its electronic matrix of mercury melody and stereo panning rhythms.

The flipside is brewed in the engine room of nuclear sub and boomin dark beats. The beat functions as an unerring metronome, bleeding stabs of cyborg bass dance, hooking the body into a euphoria at odds with the hovering mid-range. The best for quality weekends!

Side A

my boy / HD ky / gany C

Side B
NBTa / 210f / Tm5+

Download tracks are format Real Audio G2 / 20kbit/s - full tracks
to download file right click the link, select save target as, to save the file to your harddisk. for problems, dead links etc. please e-mail

all trax written and composed by alois huber. exept gany C / "takes me higher"
by gerry edmond 1978. thanx to B, fed, Jx, P, Tk and my x-trees

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