Tom Flair Releases his first single nm8.

Bannlust available on Vinyl.

Real Audio files added to the releases:
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Craft 48 / Tom Flair: nm8
miami device (718KB)
splendid (642 KB)

Craft 47 / EPY: Plastikflocken
Live (513KB)

Craft 46 / Bannlust: Auxilled EP
supercannon 3000 - ale diver rmx (1004KB)

Craft 45 / Bannlust: Auxilled
wrong insect syntax (1.113KB)
auxilled (680KB)

Craft 44 / VA: Action Extensions
Alex is my Bro: Action (1.004KB)
Le Demon Flowers: Space.Action (1.064KB)

Craft43 / Texta: Vis à Vis
symbiose (670KB)raft
neinsager (562KB)
sprachbarrieren (535KB)

Craft 42 / Men at Arms: Under Siege
preponatural flow (567KB)
Sea of Madness (513KB)

Craft 41 / Alois Huber: Weekender
210f (713KB)
myboy (702KB)