The AirConditions Nasal Landscape
      September 11 - 17, 2000 In Greater Vienna


BP gas station
Hadikgasse / Kefergasse
1140 Vienna
Open 24 hours a day

Just this once, an entire gas station won't smell of diesel and super, but of CASH - the scent of money. CASH was developed by Sabotage Communications, modeled on a $100 bill, and is available around the world since 1998. In the ARAL shop, CASH can be purchased as an eau de toilette.


Wrenkh Bar
Bauernmarkt 10
1010 Vienna
Open from 11am to 12pm
Reservations by tel. 01-533 15 26

The Viennese restaurant Wrenkh serves exquisite vegetarian dishes. September 11 - 17, a tasty menu will be served that will definitely surprise your nostrils. May be smelt in three courses.


Black Market
Gonzagagasse 9
1010 Vienna
Mo - Fr from 10am to 7pm
Sa from 10am to 5pm

A real record shop can only smell like one thing: vinyl. A fragrance that is known to be rapidly disappearing from our everyday olfactory environment experiences for one week a marvelous revival.


Underground station Karlsplatz
Pedestrian passage of the Vienna Lines to Secession
Daily from 4:30 am to 12:30 am

Who isn't familiar with the queasy feelings that arise while traversing lonely underground passages? All instincts signal uneasiness when humans think they smell danger. With AirConditions this scenario belongs to the past. A relaxing fragrance should make every walk through the Karlsplatz underground station an idle stroll.


Unannounced at various locations in Vienna.

100 so-called ScentRockets (specially customized bottle rockets) will soar into the sky with the fragrance of fear and hit the ground as a nasal assault.



AirConditions Concluding Party
September 16, 2000 after 11pm at FLEX
1010 Vienna

DJs: ELIN Waxolutionists Alex is my Bro
Live: Men at Arms Deuzzaf
++Plus special smell surprise