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(C) - Sabotage Communications 2000
A i r C o n d i t i o n s
  - Y o u  c a n ' t   h e l p   s m e l l i n g .

Vienna September 11 - 17, 2000
in Vienna's Greater Nasal Area

A Production of Sabotage Communications and Instinct Domain Life smells.

No one hears them, no one has ever seen them. They are fleeting, but constantly present. They enter our brain at the exact point where our intellect is not at home. They affect us in such a way that we hardly notice it: Smells. Smells are an invisible part of our everyday lives. When we smell, something happens in the archaic parts of our brains, which touches the soul. Today it is supposed that the sense of smell is genetically the oldest human sense. No rational thought can control the feelings connected with a nasal sensation. We can look away, turn a deaf ear, but we can never help smelling.

AirConditions is a one-week series of events devoted to the culture of smell. AirConditions is an expedition along the borderlines between manipulation and information, instinct and life-style, warning odors and scent lures, art and science. While the global public is spell bounded by new developments in hypertext and cyberspace, it's already in the air that the oldest of all media will possibly turn out to be the most modern.



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