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the AirConditions Nasal Landscape Overview
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August 26, 2000 5:05pm

1 - "Diagonal" On the release of AirConditions 1 will broadcast a re-run of the "Diagonal"-program "Wie das Stinken und Duften unser Leben steurert" (How stench and smell controls our lives).

Smell on Air:
The FM 4 Panel of Experts There are olfactory worlds between the idea that the plague can be transmitted by odors and the assumption that tofix is synonymous with hygienic cleanliness.From September 11 - 13, 2000, the nasally gifted and nasally handicapped, olfactory scientists and aroma brokers, will meet at the FM 4 radio studio for a panel discussion. They will analyze the sense of smell in terms of its cultural, economic and artistic effects. Just take a whiff of 103.8 MHz.


September 11, 2000 2pm to 5pm
FM 4 "Connected"

Instinct vs. Intellect - The Evolution of Smell

How do we actually know what smells good? We probably learned. But when? And how? The question also arises as to whether each large city has a distinctive smell, or whether smells are going global.


September 12, 2000 2pm to 5pm
FM 4 "Connected"
21st Century Alchemists

The Smelling Industry Fragrance chips as body implants, electronic smell terminals, aroma brokers, scent generators, turnover-friendly fragrances in supermarkets, motivational aromas in offices, car tires with the smell of roses, and body odor as credit card. The nasal economy is flourishing. Reports of product innovations and aromic visions are piling up. Some already stink to high heaven. As consumers, what will we (have to) smell in the future?

September 13, 2000 2pm to 5pm
FM 4 "Connected"
Reptile Brain Creativity - The Art of Smelling

Apart from in a few nasally enhanced movies, the sense of smell has received fairly little attention in art. But they exist: "Aroma organs, theaters of smell, and not lasty, olfactory elephant people - People without a sense of smell.

AirConditions Concluding Party
September 16, 2000 after 11pm
at FLEX Schottenring/Donaukanal
1010 Vienna

Alex is my Bro

Men at Arms

++Plus special smell surprise


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