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Unlike previous publications, which mainly served as retrospectives or magazines, SUBETAGE is an English-language non-fiction work featuring interviews with and about Sabotage comrades-in-arms. For the first time, strategies in the music sector, nasal perspectives, design and fashion tactics, future operational objectives, and free-land zones are discussed in interview-like conversations. Eight chapters include topics such as:


  • "55 bar" / Deep sea operations in the Bering Sea.
    An interview by Brad Ellway with Eva Aaron and Robert Jelinek.
  • "EQUINOX – The Dark Collection" / An exchange between Wally S. and Johannes Schweiger, the two label directors of ___fabrics interseason®, about their next collection.
  • "HUMANS LIVE BY SMELL MORE THAN BY THOUGHT" / A scientific and historical approach to the taboo topic of "smell" by Johannes Lehrner.
  • "AN APOLOGY OF MONEY" / Richard Brem and Andreas L. Hofbauer conducted an exclusive interview with Josef Virek, the richest man in the world, at his summer residence in Wörgl/Tyrol.
  • "LIGHT MY FIRE" / The Mödling oil lamp company Candol was scrutinized by Marvin Steckler.
  • "GOVERNING THE LAST CONTINENT?" / The Japanese geographer and borderland expert Takakazu Akahane discusses free-land zones, micronations, and territories under stress.
  • "READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE" / The "concept engineer" and "imaginist at the millennium’s end" Kodwo Eshun examines the "world of plastic" in its various facets. "Don’t ask what plastic is, but what plastic can do for you!"
  • "THE DEATH OF SABOTAGE REC" / Musician Alois Huber, during a drive through snowcovered Vienna with the two label directors Robert Jelinek and Plak, wanted to find out why the label Sabotage Records is now being liquidated and asphalted.

Publisher: Sabotage Communications/Robert Jelinek
ISBN: 3-85266-106-4, 80 pages / 13.8 x 22.8 cm.,
£ 8/ USD 15/ DEM 25/ ATS 160

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