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Money is ciphers,writings and symbols printed on cheap paper! Money is a valuable Information-carrier with an extraordinary sensefull component and anybody seeing a Million in Cash gets frog eyes. Not at least to mention, that every bank note represents a little piece of national identity. That's why the viennese creative Label - Sabotage Communications set themselfes the aim to prepare the europeans slightly on the invention of the EURO. Sabotage enables even the receipt of the Schilling in form of a scent-note.

After the successfull presentation of CASH (the authentic scent of printfresh 100 US Dollar bills filled up in 50 ml Flacons) dedicates Sabotage themselves the olfactorial market invention of the "EURO". Soon there should be the opportunity to buy Euronotes in different national scents. In the first phase the following four Products are in preparation:

10 EURO parfumed with the scent of 200 austrian Schilling (ATS) also there will be 10 EURO smelling like 30 German Mark (DEM) 10 EURO smelling like 10 british Pound (GBP) and 10 EURO coined with the smell of 80 France Francs (FRF).

The scent of the EURO will be available on the market as a vacuumised bank note ment to be a car-refreshing application. The Advanteges for the transnational monetary transactions are right at hand: The notes get an additional sensefull component without matter of fact changes in the attributes of the notes. The "getting used to the EURO" will be eased, cause the national character of each currency will be kept in the phase of the conversion and the saying is that there are people who can smell money.

Regarding to the Market invention on 01.01.2002, Sabotage Communications is in Negotiations with several selling partners. Orders and Transactions are possible starting on 01.01.1999.

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