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The 3rd Collection EQUINOX fabrics interseason ® deals with the phenomenon of the Mourning Dress (Das Trauergewand).

The mourning garb symbolizes the anachronistic relation of our society to death but also still represents another maximum of unmodernity or a religious consciousness of tradition. Prescribed dress order and strict operational sequence of the funeral ceremony, which is separated strictly from the everyday life as formal affair, represent a standardized mourning ritual, which concentrates only on the physical death of a person. Religious institutions still have a large authority within this area and more influence than within other areas of public life.

With the marginalization of death in everyday life the members of the family, kin and friends usually are not prepared to react individually in case of decease. In such emotional stress situations logistic and organisational interests in the likes of obituaries, burial, etc. are delegated to experienced professionals e.g. funeral homes, priests and florists. Death is bureaucratized and de-privatized.

Within the conception of this " dark " collection not only the tradition of Modernity and sacral/clerical codes played a substantial role, but also the function of funerals, which deliver a perfect setting of sociological and social position for a quasi " public procession ". Considering this fact, the interests of ___ fabrics interseason¨ are not situated exclusively in the design of an alternative mourning dress, but also lie in a new interpretation of a traditional mourning ritual with regards to an individualized ceremony.

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