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>Adventures In Temporary Terrains

Sabotage Communications presents their first videosampler with material of the last 3 years.



CASH>The Scent Of Money Documentation of CaSH-The Scent of Money - the tour, pressconferences in armoured cars, media reviews...

SUBETAGE>The Death of Sabotage Records On 7th of May 1999 the Sabotage Record Label from Vienna was officially terminated. The whole Vinyl stock was imortialised by being plastered onto the 100 square meters big Dance floor of the Flex Club in Vienna. The termination took place in form of a destruction operation by a Construction Company. R.I.P.

___fabrics interseason ® defines itself as an inter-seasonal label- offside the frequented "prét a porter rush hour" of the fashion business. The stylists of ____ fabrics interseason ® samples in a collective working process trends and phenomena of our time and remixes them to create a timeless design.
Check our their last 3 fashion collections, such as "CaSH fabrics", "SHINJIN RUI" and "EQUINOX.

the music>clips 97<2000 Get yourself a journey into the world of footage material. Feat. videos artists like Markus Hammer, Axel Stockburger and N.I.C.J.O.B. music by alex is my bro, bannlust, susanne brokesch, epy, i-f, le car, men at arms, pomassl, sandbenders and more...

Compiled by Robert Jelinek and Markus Hammer